A stunning new range of glass surfaces with unlimited permutations that are unique to the Axolotl portfolio

Spectrum glass is a translucent glass surface which is treated with the Spectrum process, enabling us to create single color or color gradients in the glass. We’re then able to extend this beauty even further through 3D printing the top glass surface in any design or image in a clear or colored texture. The transparent surface allows the color and patterns to be read from both faces of the glass. Spectrum Glass is available in any glass float, thickness or treatment, making it the versatile choice for joinery doors and internal screening.

Lustre Spectrum: Lustre Spectrum is a single presentation, semi reflective opaque glass surface which is treated with the Spectrum process. We can create a single color or custom color gradients in the glass, with an effect that delivers a perceptual depth beyond its 6mm thickness. To take it a step further, we can 3D print a design or image onto the top surface of the glass in a clear or colored texture.

Lustre Spectrum is typically available as 6mm thick annealed glass, however can be produced in different thicknesses or as toughened float, if required.You can choose from the range of colors and designs we have developed or unleash your creativity and design your own unique Spectrum surface.

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