The selection below showcases a few examples of Axolotl’s capabilities. Individually unique in their own right, we are also capable of combining our products to create truly bespoke masterpieces. From the smallest sculpture to multi-story developments, we encourage our clients to push the possibilities of what are achievable using Axolotl metals, glass, concrete and timbers.


Axolotl FL Fine Art Glass marries the limited series work of local artists with our glass medium, creating vibrant, custom creations. The fine art piece is printed onto the underside of the glass panel, so it’s protected from wear and tear. A fresh interpretation for art on walls, as screens, for furniture and more.


Rosen Fine Art showcases the work of Jacki Rosen, an abstract painter of raw, multi-layered and visceral work. When Jacki paints, think the Sex Pistols meets Stravinsky. She pushes the boundaries of color like the iconic composer did melody, creating like a wild child in the throes of abandon. Her work is vibrant and alive and reflects her own, no holds barred personality.

A museum director and curator for seventeen years prior to going behind the brush, Rosen has an eye for color and texture. Axolotl FL is excited to collaborate with Jacki Rosen to bring her beautiful, limited edition pieces into the homes of our clients.