Radiance is a water wave effect series that is very unique in that there is no repeating pattern. Created on a stainless steel substrate and polished to a mirror finish, Radiance exudes luxury and works well for high end hospitality, commercial and residential use. The patterns include Ripple, which comes in subtle to pronounced, Small Ripple and Water Scale. The material thickness ranges from 0.6mm – 6.0mm and comes in sheets of 4’ x 8′ or 4’ x 10’. Applications vary from feature walls, bar and desk faces, wall art, ceilings, balustrades, building facades and more. Colors available include gold, soft gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, cocoa, copper, brass, nickel, black, anthracite and blue.

Radiance Crinkle
Radiance Ripple 001
Radiance Ripple 003
Radiance Ripple B002
Radiance Ripple C002
Radiance Small Ripple