Clean, modern, and individually unique on their own, Axolotl products can also be combined to create truly bespoke masterpieces. From crafting the smallest sculpture to the designing feature pieces for the largest multi-story developments, the possibilities are limitless.

We encourage clients to review the Surfaces showcase below, embolden their thinking and push the creative envelope to envision all that is artistically achievable utilizing Axolotl metals, architectural glass, concrete, and timbers.

Axolotl Metal is a game-changing coating for interior and exterior applications. This revolutionary technology allows liquefied semi-precious metals— such as zinc, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel, iron, pewter, and more—to be applied to the surface of any substrate.

Providing a unique source of inspiration for architects, designers, and artists, Axolotl Metal is genuine metal, without the usual restrictions of weight and shape. Once applied, the .5mm to 1mm thick surface can also be treated like a solid metal, allowing endless finished effects, such as etching, carving, burnishing, finishing and texturing. Axolotl FL has the ability to apply natural aging processes such as rusts, pearl, Florentine, or verdigris patinas to the metal.

Substrates that can be bonded with Axolotl Metal include MDF, timber, resin, plaster, ceramics, fiberglass, concrete, acrylic, glass, steel, and more.

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Axolotl Sheet Metals, such as copper, brass, aluminum, mild steel, zinc, and stainless steel, can be patinated in a variety of different colors, including verdigris, Florentine, and pearl. Designed to be used where sheet metal is required instead of our decorative metal coatings, it gives architects and designers the ability to specify pre-aged panels on a new build or renovation.

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Axolotl Glass is a specialist architectural glass division that manufactures formed, etched, and deep-carved glass for both interior and exterior use. An industry leader and international award winner—with products incorporated in unique and bespoke applications—Axolotl Glass currently manufactures a vast range of decorative glass products. We’re constantly redefining what can be achieved in glass design, and consistently developing new potentials of this medium, creating world first ideas such as Lustre, Mirror Mirror, and LINK.

Applications include feature walls, awnings, frameless doors, signage, water features, table surfaces, sculpture, and cladding.

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Axolotl Concrete is a cutting-edge, sustainable, lightweight, cost-effective aesthetic alternative to solid concrete. It has earned numerous accolades including an Australian International Design Award and acceptance into the New York Material Connexion database.

Offering unlimited design possibilities, Axolotl Concrete can be applied to virtually any solid surface of any size and shape, and utilized in interior or exterior environments. Patterns and textures can be carved into the substrate then coated, imprinted onto the surface of the concrete, or the surface can be inlaid with metal or colored resins.

It provides endless application opportunities ranging from walls and kitchen bench tops to signage and sculpture.

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Axolotl Timber is another world first, offering an unlimited design canvas by being able to combine any Axolotl Metals onto a vast range of timbers. Whether coated on brushed solid timber to create “Ingrain,” or coated as a design onto a range of veneers to create ‘TimberLink,” the organic warmth of the timber grain contrasts with the industrial luster of the metal to create a stunning effect.

The two instances of Axolotl Timber, “TimberLink” and “Ingrain,” individually offer a truly bespoke surface for various conditions. Ingrain applications include flooring, cabinetry or feature walls, while TimberLink is optimally designed to be used for feature walls or furniture.

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Utilizing Axolotl’s proprietary bonding process, we can replicate the natural aesthetic of terracotta perfectly, yet make it simpler to use and more cost-effective. Axolotl Terracotta retains the integrity of natural terracotta with variance in texture and color while enabling it to be utilized in situations never considered possible in design.

Axolotl Terracotta can be bonded onto traditional building materials, standard shapes, and forms, allowing it to be realized anywhere you might normally use aluminum, CFC sheeting, or stainless steel. Plus, the issues of shrinkage, weight, scale, and manufacturing times found with traditional terracotta are dramatically improved.

Available in a range of colors, Axolotl Terracotta offers unlimited design potential with the ability to have virtually any design carved or etched in the surface.

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Axolotl Solid Surface redefines solid surface materials. It offers an extensive range of uses in architectural applications and manufacturing by combining solid surface products with Axolotl’s portfolio of metal and concrete coatings. Whether it’s large scale cladding or bespoke vanity bowls, Axolotl Solid Surface allows the creation of new and exciting design possibilities never seen in the architecture and design industry.

Axolotl’s range of finishes are ideal for embellishing solid surface products—the liquid coatings aren’t limited to flat surfaces and can bond to unique shapes and sizes. Coatings can be applied to intricate custom designs, or CNC machined into flat panels to create three-dimensional profiles, ideal for feature walls and counter fronts.

Axolotl Solid Surface materials are designed to last—the solid surface substrate can be easily repaired and refinished back to its original condition making it ideal for numerous internal applications such as feature paneling, furniture, and bathrooms. It also possesses a low VOC content.

Download Solid Surface flyer.

Axolotl Stone is a new, natural stone surface so lightweight and flexible; it revolutionizes how stone can be used in architecture and design. The genuine stone sheets are derived from natural slate and quartzite slabs and can to be used to create unique designs at a fraction of the cost of solid stone. Each piece showcases the inherent beauty, texture, and luster of natural stone, and no two pieces are alike.

Axolotl Stone is available in 21 different finishes and two styles: Axolotl Stone and Axolotl Flex Stone. Both surfaces are ultra-thin at 1-3mm, can be curved to a convex or concave profile, and bent to a minimum 200mm radius, depending on the grain direction.

It can be applied over nearly any solid substrate including concrete, metal, plywood, fiberglass, MDF, Masonite®, door skins, and cabinetry. Most importantly, it is easy to work with using standard woodworking tools, sealers, and adhesives.

By using Axolotl Stone in place of solid stone, we save more than 80% of natural resources in the form of stone, sand, and cement and leave a smaller environmental footprint. Axolotl Stone panels also weigh up to 20 times less than a solid stone object of the same size, making them easier to transport and handle.

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The history of terrazzo can be traced back to the ancient mosaics of Egypt, and its predecessors date back 8,000 years to the Venetians. Fast forward to 2018 and Terrazzo has been reinvented by Axolotl as a cementitious surface that is only 0.5mm thick and available in almost any colour combination. Axolotl Terrazzo can be applied to flat panels up to 1600x2400mm. Unlike a traditional terrazzo, you can design way beyond shelf colours and create the perfect scheme to fit your design.

Axolotl Terrazzo can be customised with fine or oversized aggregate in monochromatic, pastel or bold colour tones, and is available in a range of concrete colours to complement a variety of residential and commercial styles.

Axolotl Terrazzo is not a laminate, but rather an applied surface whereby the fine coloured aggregate is bound in the Axolotl Concrete treatment. It can be applied to almost any substrate including MDF and mild steel. Axolotl Terrazzo is suitable for internal applications, and each panel is treated to order. Applications can include counter fronts, feature walls, lift interiors, cabinetry, splash backs and signage. The unique properties of our terrazzo provide a flexible surface effect that encompasses the beauty of Terrazzo without the common weight, colour and size restrictions of the traditional material.



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Glass Specification Guide

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Metal – Ingrain Data Sheet

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Sheet Metal Data Sheet

Spectrum Data Sheet

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